Sequence my cat

Would you like to have your (Manx) cat sequenced?

Given recent major advances in genome sequencing technology the cost of sequencing a cat genome is now only £1200. With this in mind, we’re now offering a new way of donating to our project!

For a £1200 donation, we will:

  • Sequence your cat’s genome
  • Provide you with a comprehensive report detailing your cat’s genetic makeup
    • If you were to access this through a commercial service it would cost many thousands of pounds
  • Provide the results of all currently available diagnostic gene tests (e.g. polycystic kidney disease, pyruvate kinase deficiency)
    • There are more than 20 genetic tests available for cats and individually these cost in the region of £30 each from commercial testing companies. Your £1200 will give you the results of all the tests applicable for Manx cats.
  • Commit to sending you the results of any future gene tests as they are discovered
    • As new risk factors and mutations are identified we will update you with your cat’s results. This may help to inform you (and your vet) of any current and future health risks to be aware of.
  • Include your cat’s genome in our Manx cat research project

If you would like to take advantage of this, please contact us.