We have Bonnag’s genome sequence!

Big announcement today: we now have Bonnag’s genome sequence and the hard work can begin!


Genomes have to be sequenced in little 150 letter fragments so we’re now in the process of putting them all back together in the right order (“genome assembly”) to cover all 2.8 billion letters of Bonnag’s complete genome sequence. Once we’ve finished this process we can go looking for letters that are different between Bonnag and the publicly-available cat genome, an abyssinnian cat called Cinnamon.

While the genome assembly is being carried out, we took a sneaky peak at one gene to see which mutation causes Bonnag’s ‘Manxness’ and the results will be in another blog post.


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  1. Stanton McCandlish

    This is exciting! I wonder how many sequences will be needed to isolate the Manx breed-specific genes, and in particular to determine the exact nature of Manx syndrome. I made a £50 donation toward the cause. 🙂


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