Project update and say hello to Bonnag!

The project is now moving pretty quickly after a couple of months of organisational tasks and we’ll be sending off the blood sample from for our first Manx cat to Edinburgh Genomics in the next few days!

Hello Bonnag!

So our big announcement is that the first Manx cat to be sequenced is Bonnag, a blue tortie and white Manx. Anyone from the Isle of Man will tell you that ‘bonnag’ is a type of Isle of Man fruit bread which means our first Manx kitty is very Manx indeed!

Bonnag’s owner is Zoe Grundey, a GCCF registered Manx cat breeder who lives in Douglas (Isle of Man), and Bonnag is registered with the GCCF as an active dam. This aspect was attractive from a scientific point of view as it means we will be able to follow her kittens in the future. Zoe’s cattery can be found on Facebook as Triskele Manx Cats, along with many more pictures of Bonnag and her other Manx kitties.

As the cost of genome sequencing has decreased, demand has increased, so there is a queue for samples but we hope to have DNA sequence data back within 2-3 months. As soon as we have DNA sequence data back we can start sending out more regular updates with interesting things we’ve found in Bonnag’s genome! Watch this space…

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